Friday, January 8, 2010

A Place

Photo courtesy of Clark Lubbs

The New Arts & Sciences Center in Old Forge will be unlike any other in the Northeast as it shows a kinship between the arts and sciences.

Besides operating as a completely ecologically friendly, ‘green built’, LEEDS CERTIFIED, ‘green-building’ and serving as an engine for economic development of the West Central region, the Center will serve as a:

Welcoming destination to thousands seeking
A place to ask questions of either the arts or sciences realms;
A place to enrich the mind with the wisdom of each;
A place with materials and people ready to inform and entertain;
A place to engage in self-expression, study and experience growth;
A place to participate in or to watch others perform;
A place to learn by ‘doing and by ‘observing’;
A place to inspire sensitive stewardship of beauty and the planet;
‘A place where scientists work with nature and artists receive inspiration.’
A place in the neighborhood where citizens of every station can afford to live and work ...
And where, in THAT place, children can live and grow in understanding and appreciation of the true wonders of the Adirondacks;

Written by Miriam Kashiwa, Emerita
The Arts Guild of Old Forge, Inc.

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