Tuesday, June 18, 2013

View Celebrates its 62nd Year

Press Release

View, open year-round, is celebrating its 62nd year in Old Forge.    A $4.5 million-dollar campaign is underway to sustain View into the future.  Since its launch in 2010, the Moving Mountains campaign has raised $1,618,428.   View’s development committee is actively working to meet its 2013 goal to raise $1 million.  
“View’s Board of Directors is very pleased with the progress we have made since moving in 2011,”  said Helene McAleese, President.  “Our programs continue to grow each year, and View is increasingly becoming a destination for Adirondack residents and visitors alike.”

View welcomes three new staff.  Linda Bamberger of Old Forge began work in April as part-time Operations Manager, overseeing finance, human resources, guest services and information technology.   Wende Carr of Old Forge is serving as Interim Exhibition Manager. Pam Caryl of Otter Lake begins work at the front desk beginning June 13.  Searches are underway to fill two key positions-- Exhibitions Manager and Marketing Manager (see View’s website for details).  

A full schedule of performances, workshops and exhibitions is scheduled for Summer 2013 at View, the arts center in Old Forge.    With more than 20 performances ranging from jazz, blues, folk and classical music to plays and musicals, View’s Gould Hall will resound with performing artists.   The galleries will show off pastels, woodworking, ceramics, photography, watercolors, “Little Things,” quilts and more.

Workshops for artists of all ages and levels of experience from beginners to seasoned artists are on tap working in media ranging from glass to painting, pottery to basket making, photography and writing.   Yoga and Zumba are offered most days.   View’s website has the full schedule of classes and programs at www.viewarts.org.

Special events this year include Forge Festival of Arts and Crafts, the 39th Annual Antiques and Vintage Show and Sale, View’s Annual Gala, House Tour by Boat, Plein Air Art Auction, Stems and Steins and Running Colors.  In addition, there are eight weddings scheduled at View this summer and fall.    These events help support View’s operations.

Since moving to its new facility in 2011, View’s staff has increased from 5 to 12, membership has increased by 25 %, admission has increased 13%, and registration in workshops has increased 34%.   Many of View’s performances sell out during the summer so regular patrons have learned to purchase tickets in advance.

Board member Deb Carhart said, “View faced many challenges as we transformed the organization in recent years.  The board and staff have worked hard to ensure that View can be sustained well into the future.  Not only are the arts programs strong but View has quickly become an important regional economic driver and community gathering place.”

Jennifer Potter Hayes, View’s Executive Director, welcomes all to participate in this summer’s festivities.  “Everyday offers something special for visitors at View.   Check the website for all the details !   We invite everyone to stop in, to enjoy a performance, tour the exhibits including the ever-popular Kashiwa Eco Gallery, or take a class. Bring your family and friends to see what View has to offer!”
--Posted by Leslie Bailey, View staff

Friday, June 14, 2013

An Intern's Prom Experience

By Nicholas Daniluk, Performing Arts Intern

This entry is a little bit late. We've been pretty busy, and there have been a lot of changes here at View. I'll fill you in on the details next week. But for now, here is the last post I wrote: June 3rd, 2013
Day 13
I have known for a while that View was going to be hosting a local prom, and that staff members would be needed to supervise their use of our space. Events like proms are the kind of thing I am used to from my years of working for the student activities department of Pratt Institute. There we had a couple of sorority dinners and dances in our student union space where I was in charge of monitoring their use of our tables, chairs, and sound equipment while also making sure they cleaned up after themselves. I imagined that this prom would be similar so I volunteered to help out. Though to be honest, previous experience was not the only reason I volunteered.

I did not go to my own prom in high school. Which is not something I regret. My late teens were more troubled and awkward than most, and knowing what I was like back then going to prom would have been a horrible experience. But who I am now would probably have enjoyed it. And I have always been a little bit curious as to what a prom is actually like outside of portrayals in popular culture. Additionally a good friend of mine owed me a date after I had accompanied her to her friend’s wedding. A job I know well, a friend to dance with, and getting to see the real thing. Plenty of reasons to volunteer.
Sadly, my date had to cancel on me. But other than that the evening went quite smoothly. The kids were there for set-up early and got the job done with time to spare. The DJ they hired sounded pretty good in our space and the kids danced the night away. Though I question the taste of some of the songs played. Two trouble-makers and a thunderstorm were the only things that put a damper on the kid’s fun.

This weekend we have the Spitfire Grill, a musical based on the hit movie of the same name. It's about a feisty young woman working at Hannah's Spitfire Grill. I've never seen it, nor heard of it. But my supervisor is excited, and that is a good sign.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

View seeks nominees for Board of Directors

Press Release--

View, the arts center in Old Forge, is looking for people who are interested in serving on its Board of Directors or in serving on the Nominating Committee. Board members are required to be a member of View and to attend 10 board meetings annually in person or by teleconference.  Each board member serves on at least one committee and is expected to be actively engaged in View activities. The Nominating Committee is charged with reviewing names for the Board of Directors and presenting a slate to be voted on at View’s annual membership meeting (this year on Tuesday, August 27).  

If you are interested in serving, or would like to submit names of individuals whom you believe would be interested, please contact Leslie Bailey at (315) 369-6411, ext. 212 or Lbailey@viewarts.org with contact information and a brief bio, as soon as possible. Names submitted will be shared with the Nominating Committee.

View was founded more than 60 years ago, and is a year-round, multi-arts presenter of visual and performing arts located in Old Forge. Its signature exhibition schedule includes pastels, watercolors, fine arts, and quilts. Performances include music, theater, dance, and film. The member-based, non-profit organization also offers workshops, lectures, and special events. The facility, a 28,000 square-foot, LEED-certified building on Route 28, is also used for weddings, meetings, and community events.

View is a growing organization, currently employing 12 people with seven interns in the summer. As part of its mission, View serves as a catalyst for encouraging the creative spirit that has long been an Adirondack tradition. The Board of Directors guides the organization in meeting its mission and reaching its goals.

--By Leslie Bailey, View staff