Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Great Catch

Fish are coming in all over the Arts Center!

Lake Ceramics has delivered fish to us that will be on display during the "Exaggerate!" exhibition from May 9 - June 6.
They create these beautifully crafted fish like the one you see below by creating molds from fish that they catch themselves, as well as fish caught by others. The combination of their master craftsmanship in casting and glazing these fish produces a breathtaking variety that are even more beautiful than the fish that they come from.

We have also been receiving fish for "Decked Out Trout and Bass With Class" . Fifty blank fish have been transformed by local artists into unique works of art. These fish will be on display during "Exaggerate!" and throughout our village in the summer until the Plein Air Paint Out on Sunday, September 5, where they will be auctioned along with the paintings. The one below is by Abenaki Indian Artist Andree Dennis Newton.

Even the Kinderwood pre-school seems to be fish-minded. This past week they created fish of their own.

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