Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dean Richards

The Arts Center/Old Forge recently celebrated their 1st opening reception in the new building. The exhibit included "Wildlife Drawings" an exhibition of graphite and charcoal works by Dean Richards, the Regional Ceramics Exhibition, and the Utica Art Association. All of the exhibits will continue to be on display until March 12th. In attendance at the opening reception was exhibiting artist Dean Richards of Lowville, who was accompanied by many of his family and friends.

This particular occasion was not Dean Richards's first interaction with the Arts Center. In 1989, Dean received the beginning artist award at the Arts Center/Old Forge's Annual Central Adirondack Art Show. The award is given to encourage a beginning artist. Now 22 years later, the skilled draftsman has filled an entire Arts Center gallery. Having helped encouraged Dean to hone his skill is a source of immense pride for the Arts Center. They are proud to have nourished his creative talents and to display his work today.

First and foremost Dean Richards is an animal artist and recent work is largely focused on birds. He makes black and white drawings using burnt wood and natural elements while his finished work is done entirely in charcoal, graphite and carbon on a gessoed board. It is a very simple yet complex medium that is perhaps one of the oldest mediums known. You cannot fully appreciate the uniqueness and quality of his work until you see it in
person. Come to the Arts Center/Old Forge to see his works displayed in one of the Arts Center/Old Forge newest galleries.

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