Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On Exhibit at View

Three new exhibits opened in the galleries on March 10, with a nice reception featuring music by Paul Case.

“Paper Anniversary” (an invitational exhibition) celebrates our first year in the new building, with a variety of art work and sculpture made from paper. The exhibit is too varied to capture with one photograph, but here is one of the pieces on display. It is hand-cut paper by Angie Pickman, called “Carrier.”

Also on display is the annual theme exhibit (an open show), which is “Rock, Paper, Scissors” this year. Again, too varied to capture with one photo, but here’s an entry.

It’s called “The ‘View’ Rocks!!” by Connie Smith. If you look in the middle, you can see a pair of scissors made from darker stones. There is a lot of creative interpretation of the theme, in both the visual and written works. Also, there are creation stations set up so you can add your creativity to the display.

These exhibits will be on display through May 6.

The Eco Gallery has an exhibit of solar paintings by Bert Leighton on display. She gave a demonstration at the opening reception on March 10.

She has a nice write-up in the gallery about her work. Here’s a brief summary of what to do. On a windless, sunny day, gather interesting items from nature, like leaves, seeds, grasses, and twigs. Then, in a sunny spot, submerge a piece of paper in a flat pan with about ¼ inch of water in it and arrange the found items on the paper under the water. Add watercolor paints to your pan by pouring, dribbling, splashing, or flicking the paint onto the paper. The piece should not be disturbed until the water has evaporated and most of the paper’s surface is quite dry. Lift the items off. You may need to blot the paper a little under where the items sat on the paper.

Here’s her painting titled “Fern Forest.”

Her work will be on display until May 13.
--Leslie Bailey, View staff

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