Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Watercolors open at View

The watercolor exhibit will be on display through Oct. 8

Below are remarks by Miriam Kashiwa, watercolor exhibit curator, that were delivered at the opening reception on Aug. 10, 2012.

Curator Miriam Kashiwa
                              "This year of Olympic Sports reminds us of the importance of exercise for good health.  Most would agree that we humans have more than bodies; a brain and mind directing action PLUS a free spirit.  Total health, then, would require more than physical activity: it would include exercising the spirit’s sense of beauty. 

Artists understand this idea.  They share their expressions of beauty in art forms … they partner with viewers who connect vicariously through sight… experiencing the same feelings and stories … exercising their own spirit’s sense of beauty.

Today we observe 100 outstanding watercolors from across the country:  ‘part’ of the fruit of the unlimited inspiration given by places like the Adirondack Mountains.  The exhibit shows human curiosity in concrete solution: thought captured on paper in color and feeling.

I’d like to reach back for a bit of history….

During the past ten years, The Arts Guild has enjoyed a ‘Barn Raising’….we got together and built a PLACE: an oasis against an encroaching hectic world where peace and inspiration infused by its Adirondack setting can be savored.

We now begin to ‘raise’ its walls with substance and opportunities for learning… ‘learning’: that stuff that makes life interesting…like the exhibition platform where artists may exchange thoughts and ways of expressing art; like our theater where performance informs human foibles and dreams; like music which delights and refreshes the fatigued; like studio work-space to examine our own efforts at creativity; and like our future Walkway through the mysteries of Nature’s wetlands.

As a ‘Barn Raising’ requires an army of enthusiastic volunteers, so too has our own Arts Center required the talents of scores: from those who contribute volunteering hands-on, to growing members and visitors, and to generous open purses. We thank you all for being part of the Place at VIEW. And we hope you will continue to find enjoyment and inspiration in the ‘sparkle and glow’ of this year’s Adirondacks national watercolor exhibition.  Come often and early to exercise your own spirit’s sense of beauty.


--Posted by Leslie Bailey, View staff

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