Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Artist talk and demonstration

Lewis Bryden will discuss the making of "Nature as Muse"

Artist and sculptor Lewis Bryden will give a talk at 7 pm on Wednesday, July 24 on the making of his bronze sculpture, “Nature as Muse,” which is a permanent installation in the Mallinckrodt Garden at View. The talk will be held in Gould Hall at View, where Bryden will present a series of short videos that show the different stages of making this sculpture. There is no admission charge to attend the talk.

"Nature as Muse"
Bronze sculpture by Lewis Bryden
in Mallinckrodt Garden at View
Bryden, who has been a professional artist for 30 years, used a process called “lost wax casting” to create “Nature as Muse.”

“I chose the lost wax method, in which the finished clay sculpture is remolded in wax, coated with ceramic material, and then poured with molten bronze. Everywhere the wax was, the bronze now takes its place,” he said.

Bryden created the full-size clay sculpture and then collaborated with other artisans to create the bronze cast. The process is complicated and can permanently destroy the sculpture if anything goes wrong.

“[The process] involves many steps of repeated creation, destruction and recreation all of which are beautiful in themselves,” he said. “The process is, in a way, a perfect example of the need for communal effort and mutual trust.”

The videos that Bryden will show demonstrate the lost wax process and highlight the skills involved in creating such a large sculpture.

As part of the creative process, Bryden created a maquette, or small scale model of the sculpture, which is of a young girl reaching up to a bird. “It helps the artist and others to visualize the sculpture and to identify problems early,” he said. He also did a portrait study as an exercise to explore the character of the young girl.

The portrait has been donated to View’s permanent collection, and the maquette has been given to View as a raffle to raise money for View. Both the portrait and the maquette will be on display before the talk and raffle tickets will be available for purchase.

Bryden is well-known as a landscape painter, but in the last three years he has turned his attention to three-dimensional work in marble and bronze.  “Nature as Muse” was a gift to View last summer by Bryden and his wife Betsy Mallinckrodt Bryden to commemorate the lives of Betsy’s grandparents, Elizabeth Elliot and Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr., who were longtime summer residents of Old Forge and avid art collectors.  

For more information about View, visit www.ViewArts.org or call (315) 369-6411.
--By Leslie Bailey, View staff

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