Sunday, October 18, 2009

23rd Annual Northeast Quilts Unlimited

The exhibition will run until November 11
Quilts from all over the United States adorn the walls of the galleries in the Arts Center/Old Forge. This juried display will have over $1,700 in cash and prizes awarded to the quilts and wall hangings that have been carefully selected by this years judge Molly Waddell, NQACJ.  Several associations have been invited to exhibit during this years show including the Rochester Area Fiber Artists (RAFA), an eclectic group of textile divas from Rocheser, New York, who work in many techniques, but are keen to use fiber as their media of choice. The Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) will display contemporary work that explores and expresses aesthetic concerns common to the whole range of visual arts. The Mohawk Valley Embroider’s Guild of America will present  brilliant needlework composed of a wide array of techniques and styles from traditional needlework to contemporary designs and methods. The North Country Chapter American Needlepoint Guild  is sure to increase your appreciation and interest through the fine works that they will display . Paintings from Syracuse artist, Dan Bacich are sure to create a dialog as they hang beside the array of quilts.  

“Moonlit Evergreens” is a beautiful work by Kris Gregson Moss. Her materials are varied and include cotton, dressmaker fabric, felt, yarns, trims, beads, and wood. She says that “Moonlit Evergreens is what I imagine might be seen at night in the Adirondacks. Experimenting with triangular shapes creates trees and quilting in the background. The variety of materials and techniques culminating with being hung from an apple stick is indicative of the fun in my art work.”               

Nancy DiDonato , of Diamond Point, NY created this stained glass inspired piece, “Entwined”. Nancy purchased a book, “Creating with Stained Glass” that featured the work of artists Tom Adolph. Instead of becoming a stained glass artists she applied the techniques using her skills in quilting. She used batik fabrics as “glass”, multiple layers of machine satin stitching to represent the leading, and iridescent sheer background fabric to represent the luminosity of sunlight. The end result is a piece that has allure of stained glass, but the warm, and tactile nature of a quilt. 

Dan Bacich Artists Statement:
While quilters have frequently drawn inspiration from the work of painters, I believe my paintings provide ample proof that the reverse is true as well.  There are many common“threads”: the eclectic palette of patterns and colors, the subtle geometry of composition, the meticulous eye for detail and the careful hand wrought execution to name just a few.  I am grateful to Michele deCamp for first suggesting the exhibition opportunity and to Barbara Getty for having the artistic insight to recognize the merit of the pairing. It is both an honor and a privilege to celebrate my favorite season in an Adirondack setting.

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