Thursday, October 29, 2009

Volunteering At the Arts Center by Patty Foley

"It was one of the Adirondack Theme Shows, and a young girl - maybe junior high school age - dropped off her entry.

As they left, her father - who had driven her to Old Forge (that's how young she was)- came back in, to say that it was her first entry in an art show and - if it was going to be rejected by the judge - maybe it would be better to just take it home right then.

That entry was accepted, and it won a first prize, and seeing that girl’s face when the award was announced is something I will never forget.

That’s why I volunteer my time to The Arts Center. Even though I can’t paint, or draw, or sculpt, I can still be part of that magic."

-Patty Foley
Immediate Past President of the Board of Directors

Explore Volunteer Opportunities at the Arts Center/Old Forge

The Arts Guild of Old Forge would like to encourage anyone interested in volunteering.
We have many opportunities available for individuals who would like to help.
Some of the many areas in which volunteers are needed are:
Host/Hostess/Front Desk, Ticket Sales, Craft Fair, Tennis Classic,
Plein Air Paintout, Brochure Mailings, Culinary Preparation, Antique Show,
House Tour, Serving Food, Exhibit Set-up/Take Down, Workshops, Auction,
Central Adirondack Take-in, and Data Entry.
If interested please contact the Arts Center/Old Forge at 315-369-6411
or email

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